"Immerse yourself and be transported"


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"Wonderful! So many remarkable paintings. Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list." Polly F.


What is it about creating that needs so much energy?

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I create my art, the creative energy needed. When I'm tired or mildly sick, I can complete tasks, but I'm unable to paint, or for that matter write! So much for sending out my art email at the beginning of July, Covid had caught me.... READ MORE



CREATE: Nurture Inspiration

What inspires you? Do you know where your inspiration comes from? For me it comes from nature, but I don't paint what I see. It percolates into my subconscious and then works its way back out in mysterious ways... READ MORE



CULTIVATE: Enrich and Grow

Important to my art practice is recharge time. For me, that means spending time out in nature, in wilderness areas, in my garden, walking on the mesa listening to the wind and the birds, watching the sky. I need this time to feed my soul, to enrich myself... READ MORE


Slack Line

Finally They're Up...

Finally this group of paintings is up on my website! These small beauties are mixed media on paper, matted, framed and ready to hang. I find I have lots of intimate areas in my house that are perfect for hanging a small piece of art... READ MORE


New Paintings

I Spy With My Eye...

Refinements, refinements, refinements. As I near the finishing line, I often find that the smallest change can make a huge difference. As I paint, I try to remember to take photos along the way, so that I can compare the before and after... READ MORE


New Paintings


Mark your calendars and save the date! The Taos Open Studio Tour is coming up fast. It always takes place Labor Day weekend, this year that's Saturday September 4th - Monday September 6th, 10-5 each day. I'm #17 on the map... READ MORE




As an artist, I am continually experimenting and exploring new ideas. One series may be all about our big skies and glorious light, and the next a more abstract exploration of shape and space. The more I just hint at things, the more stories I find hidden in the paintings. Each time I look, they take me on a journey... READ MORE


Intuitive Art, What's That?


My artwork is intuitive, what does this mean?
Emergence: This means that when I start, I don't know where it will go. I lay on paint and trust myself that something exciting will emerge... READ MORE



February, 2021 THE PERFECT PIECE

What makes you fall in love with one piece and not another? I love to ask which is your favorite? Each person has a “perfect” piece. When someone is looking at a group of my paintings, they might like all of them, but one stands out, it speaks to them directly... READ MORE

Awarded People's Choice First Place

Rising Up, Mixed media on paper, abstract landscape, big sky with bird, yellows and orange

"Rising UP", 9"w x 11"h, Mixed Media on Paper, Sold

I submitted this painting for the Millicent Rogers Museum Miniature Show in January 2021. I'm thrilled that not only did it sell, but it won the People's Choice Best of Show for 2-D works!

The way this pandemic year has gone, we weren't even sure the museum would be able to open up for the show. The opening reception was a virtual event, in the past the receptions have always been packed with people, not a good idea right now. Luckily the museum was able to open just in time for the show so that people could come visit and see the artworks in person. I'm so glad to know that so many connected to my painting "Rising Up".

"Out Of The Blue" Award

OUT OF THE BLUE, abstract, colorful oil painting, blue, teal, yellow

"Out Of The Blue", 30" x 30", Oil on Canvas, Sold

"Out of The Blue" received a second place award at the 2019 Taos Fall Arts Festival. I was honored and thrilled to get this award, and was so glad to have a chance to speak with the juror at the opening reception.

Here's what the juror, Andrea Pichaida had to say: "'Out of The Blue'. What a beautiful composition where light, shadows, shapes and color play together to transport the viewer into a world of dance, happiness with music, warmth and togetherness. Well done!"

"Three Visions" Invitational Exhibition

June 22 - July 26, 2019

Three Visions, Invitational Exhibition, Blumenschein Museum, Taos NM, abstract, colorful oil paintings

Three Visions, Invitational Exhibition, abstract, colorful oil paintings

I was excited to be invited by Rob Nightingale, of Wilder Nightingale Fine Art, to be one of three artists in a exhibit at the Blumenschien Museum in Taos.

I had nine paintings hanging in the show, some of my abstract pieces and some sky paintings. I was showing with Frederick Aragon and George Schaub. It's fascinating to see the different vision each artist presents. Each and every artist has their own voice which shines through their paintings.

The Ernest L. Blumenschein House is a historic house museum and art gallery at 222 Ledoux Street in Taos, New Mexico. It was a home of painter Ernest L. Blumenschein, a co-founder of the Taos Society of Artists and one of the "Taos Six".

"Immerse yourself and be transported"