"Immerse yourself and be transported"

New Paintings

My paintings are full of rich, vibrant colors. I create a sense of place without providing all the details, drawing you back continually to find something new.


Rising Up

"Rising UP", 9"w x 11"h, Mixed Media on Paper

I'm thrilled that this painting won the People's Choice Best of Show
for 2-D works at the Millicent Rogers Museum Miniature Show!

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"I barely know Lydia, but I feel like she is a friend because I own a piece of her art. I loved it from the moment I saw it, distinct from all the other beautiful things she had, but decided not to purchase it. As I got into the car to leave, I thought "I hope nobody buys my picture." I realized then that I had already identified it as mine, so I went back to purchase it, and have not been sorry one second since. It is in my sewing studio because that is where I can see it every single day and it always makes me smile. If you go to Lydia's studio or see her at a show and you don't find something that talks to you, go back another time. And just listen. You will hear it." Jane M.