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The Perfect Piece

What makes you fall in love with one piece and not another? I love to ask which is your favorite? Each person has a “perfect” piece. When someone is looking at a group of my paintings, they might like all of them, but one stands out, it speaks to them directly.

"Joined The Party", 30" x 30", oil on canvas

It's what makes life interesting, we all have different likes and dislikes. This generally comes from our uniquely different life experiences. Our experiences and the memories formed from them, all play a part when we fall in love with a piece.

Some people are drawn to more representational work and some to abstract pieces. As an artist I'm always exploring and experimenting, some of my pieces are based on a landscape sense and some just about color and design.



                                                    "Leap of Faith", 12" x 12", mixed media on canvas

I don't want to paint realistically, for me I'd much rather just hint at things. I want my paintings to have mystery, to allude to the familiar while remaining ambiguous. This way I hope to trigger your imagination which allows you to connect to the piece and find your own place, your own story grounded in your memories.

                                                       "Inner Light", 10" x 10", oil on canvas, sold

I'll always remember when one of my collectors fell in love with one of my sky paintings. She wrote me “I remember how I told you that I saw dunes in “December Light”. I love “Inner Light” for the same reasons – it is reminiscent... not specific... something about the colors and light remind me of time I spent in Wellfleet, the marine feel, specifically the northeast coastal feel... those bay/marsh areas and tidal pools near the ocean... a piece that captures the beauty we see in that topography... but in that 'find your own place' way that you described.”

I loved hearing this, it was exactly what I am striving for in my artwork. She loved it because it triggered her memories.  

                                       "The Constant Whisper", 12" x 12", framed, mixed media on board

I'm fascinated when one person falls in love with one of my sky paintings, and another can't walk away from one of my more abstract pieces. It all comes down to personal taste. I love to ask which piece would you like to wake up to in the morning? Which do you keep coming back to? Which resonates for you?

Lastly, I'm thrilled that “Rising Up”, my painting for the Millicent Rogers Museum Miniature Show, not only sold, but won People's Choice Best of Show for 2 dimensional work.

"Rising Up", 7"w x 9"h, framed, mixed media on paper, sold

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you are looking for in a painting? What makes a piece stop you in your tracks, keeps you coming back for another look?

Take care,


Lydia Johnston's Fine Art
Lydia Johnston Fine Art
"Immerse yourself and be transported"