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CREATE: Nurture Inspiration

CREATE: Nurture Inspiration

What inspires you? Do you know where your inspiration comes from? For me it comes from nature, but I don't paint what I see. It percolates into my subconscious and then works its way back out in mysterious ways.

I take photos when I'm out in nature, so I can look back at them to see what grabs my attention. I had a great time compiling grids of some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do. Each person has a unique way of viewing the world, each artist has a unique voice.

The incredible skies here in Taos always fascinate me, the amazing colors and the wild cloud patterns.

Amazing skies here in Taos!
A major source of inspiration for me in the winter are the natural elements, rock, ice, wood, mud. I love to zoom in close, the patterns become fabulous compositions. Nature makes the best abstract art!

Close-up photos of rock, ice, mud, wood!
In the warmer months, I love to take photos of flowers, lichens growing up in the mountains, grasses swaying in the wind. These are what capture my attention. I'm most drawn to gradated colors and interesting patterns, you probably already know that from my paintings.

The growing world up close!
CREATE: Nurture Inspiration is Chroma Collective Gallery's May show, opening May 1st! View it now. Here is a deep dive into how inspiration shows up in my art.

Last month I shared a grid of photos from a trip to Canyon of the Ancients and Bears Ears National Monuments, click here if you'd like to see them and read about the importance of recharge time. I touched briefly on inspiration, which prompted me to delve more deeply into it here.

I find it vital for my creativity to regularly get out in nature, the more remote the better. It's a time for me to unplug, go offline, slow down, listen and look.

I get out into wild places to feed my soul and provide me inspiration. I take photos when something grabs my attention, but I never try to paint from the photos. They just give me a better understanding of what I'm most drawn to, gradated colors, warm colors, patterns, light and glow.

For this month's Chroma Collective Gallery exhibition, I am showcasing "On The Outskirts". Notice how this abstract painting has light, patterns, gradated colors, shapes to look through, all things I find inspiring.
"On The Outskirts", 30" x 30", oil on canvas, framed

This compelling painting has something new to find each time you look at it. Bold orange marks, soft blue to violet areas, printed on patterns; hidden depths, glowing light, complex colors. All created by laying down layer after layer of oil paint.

Here are some close up details of "On The Outskirts"

I love to see my paintings in a home or office setting. These images are from an app, but if you'd like to see this painting in your own setting, I can do that.

I just need a photo of the room and some reference dimensions, either the dimensions of furniture shown in the space, a sofa, piano, side table, arm chair, etc., or else the dimensions of the height and width of the space shown in the photo. I can then size the image of the artwork to show it to scale.


Here are photos to show you how "On The Outskirts" is framed.


View these details on my website

This painting is on a 5/8" stretched canvas set in a 1.5" deep contemporary floater frame. I love how the floater frame sets off the artwork. The inside space is black, as are the outer edges. The front face is a burnished gold.


A few days ago, Georgia Gersh, owner of Magpie Gallery came for a studio visit. It allowed her to see my newest work and pick out some for her gallery. Just as important, it was an opportunity for her to gain insights into my creative process, to see the space I work in, my favorite tools for painting, the rollers I create for printing. I so appreciate working with a gallery willing to take the time to learn about their artists. If you're in Taos, be sure to stop by Magpie, 218 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte.

Studio visits are special for so many reasons. I always welcome people to come visit my studio. Email me if you'd like to make an appointment to stop by.


Here's the lineup for Chroma Collective Gallery's May show. Click on the link below to see all twelve fabulous works of art and to learn more about each piece and the artists. Enjoy!

View "CREATE: Nurure Inspiration" May 1st - 31st

If you'd like to receive notice of these monthly exhibitions, be sure to subscribe to Chroma Collective Gallery, you'll find the sign-up at the bottom of their page. There will be one email sent out each month to let you know about the upcoming show.

Lastly, if you'd like to see my works on paper, they are now up on my website.


If you'd like to see my larger paintings, this link will take you to them.


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