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Finally! They're Up

Finally this group of paintings is up on my website! These small beauties are matted, framed and ready to hang.

Well, they haven't quite gone public on my website yet, I'm working on that. But you can be the first to see them. Click on the button below to view a special page just for you.
I'm making this collection available only to my subscribers for now. Just remember, you can get from this private page to my website, but there is no button or link to take you back to this page of small works!

I find I have lots of intimate areas in my house that are perfect for hanging a small piece of art. I love to hang a large painting as the focal point of a room, but what about all the smaller walls, between windows, at the end of a hall, beside a bookshelf, over a bureau, places where you can see a piece up close and enjoy the intimate details. Not the big piece that draws all the attention, but the small painting that gives such pleasure.

"Enigma", Framed size 9" x 11"

These are mixed media; people often ask what am I actually using. For this group, I used acrylic paints, pencil and charcoal. Sometimes I add oil paints over the acrylic layers, but here I didn't have the time to wait for the oil layers to dry. Nothing like impatience!

"In Harbor", Framed size 9" x 11"

I find I really don't like painting very small, yet I love to have small pieces. My solution has been to paint on larger pieces of paper, Strathmore cold press watercolor sheets that are 22" x 30". This lets me make larger marks, use larger tools, have that freedom of movement, and then I crop out the compositions I like best.

Here's a part of one of those large sheets that became three small paintings

It doesn't matter that this seems chaotic or has the highest contrast of white and black right in the center because it's going to be chopped up! I look for my favorite parts, figure out the best composition, and then start the back and forth dance of refining.

Here's "Slack Line", you can pick it out from the orange block in the lower left quadrant
This is "Crosswinds", it's from the upper part rotated counterclockwise, can you find it?
"Bubbling Up" came from the right side, after cropping I continued painting until it was just right

Some of my favorite tools to use on paper are silicone, they're so easy to clean up. I love to move paint around with silicone bowl scrapers, window squeegees, color shapers, spatulas. I also love to use a brayer, it's a great way to create circular marks or spread thin layers.

Bowl scrapers, paint shapers, squeegees and more!

Below is "Trapped In Ice". It has lots of layers, some thick and some that are thin, letting you peer through to see what's underneath.

"Trapped In Ice"

"Trapped In Ice", Framed size 12" x 15"

If you'd like to see this group of paintings, just click on the button below.


If you'd like to purchase any of these, just send me an email with the name of the piece and your shipping address. I'll send you an invoice through SQUARE, the easy to use, secure payment system. As soon as I've received payment, I'll ship out the painting. I'm offering free shipping on this collection to anywhere in the continental U.S. until the end of the year 2021. It's my way of thanking you for following my art journey.

If you'd like to see my larger paintings, they can be found on my website, here's the link.


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